Importance Of Dog Training

Dog training is a system of teaching a dog that is deemed to be obedient to human standards, by means of rewarding it with a treat every time it behaves correctly and correcting it when it does something undesirable. Dog training is an important activity to develop bonding between you and your pet. A well trained dog is less likely to get into mischief than one that is ill behaved. Dog training therefore, is the application of behaviour analysis that applies the dog’s environmental circumstances of past outcomes and antecedent experiences to alter the dog’s behaviour, either to help it perform certain tasks or undertake certain tasks, or even for it to behave effectively in modern domestic life. For more information, visit their website at Bay area dog training

Training a dog may start from a puppy, where the owner trains it by guiding it through a few basic obedience commands like sit, stay, down and so on. A trained pet dog will soon learn its name and tricks. In later stages of dog training, a trainer will introduce finer motor skills like jumping, fetching, and walking with the dog on a leash, and teach it how to communicate effectively using voice commands and body language.

The importance of dog training is highlighted by the fact that a well trained pet dog can be a valuable member of the family. Dogs are highly social animals, forming long lasting relationships with their owners. A well-behaved dog is a joy to own as it can provide companionship and protection. It aids in maintaining good health as dogs learn to control excessive energy consumption. Also, dog training helps in promoting good bond among owner and dog, which strengthens the ties of love and trust between them. Moreover, dog training also ensures the safety of the dog, promotes safety during home and work emergencies, and makes pets easier to manage when there are unexpected guests at home.


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