Freight Transport Tips – Road Safety, Preventing Driver Fatigue

It is one of the greatest careers in the world to be a delivery driver – according to many people! Life on the road, with each new day and each new journey offering a new experience, can be enjoyable and thrilling. If you’re looking for more tips, Scottsdale Freight Transportation Services has it for you.

Nevertheless, being on the road constantly often has its dangers, especially while you are a freight transport driver, since it also involves long-distance work. It can also entail transporting specialised, often perishable, products, resulting in tight schedules and immovable deadlines. This ensures the long hours, such as driver exhaustion, cope not only with the dangers of the route itself, but also those unique to long-distance travel.

Driver exhaustion is one of the most important problems in transportation, according to numerous road safety groups such as the Royal Society for the Avoidance of Crashes and, among others and can potentially be a contributing factor in around 25 percent of all car accidents. Owing to long hours spent on the open road, freight transport staff are highly prone to driver fatigue; the symptoms may be particularly frequent when drivers typically have a tight deadline and operate heavy automobiles on high-speed areas and highways. Fortunately, there are strategies to escape exhaustion from drivers and help keep you and others healthy on the lane.

Book Your Voyage

For any transport staff, good preparation is a must. Because of mandatory check-ins and deadlines, it is much more important for the freight transport driver. Not just mileage, but also factors such as path type, dangers, traffic patterns and locations, potential delays and side trips, and alternate routes should be included in your strategy. It’s also crucial to have a contingency plan so you won’t feel rushed to hurry in the event of a pause.

Planning the breaks

When you’re too stressed, the risks of driving are well known: delayed response time, poor judgement, distorted eyesight, and even lack of consciousness. Daily breaks are not just a smart thing while commuting long distances, they’re also the rule. Sometimes however, because they still feel exhausted, drivers take breaks – this is a flaw since you can actually be more tired than you expect. Scheduling your breaks every few hours will help you remain aware and in peak driving conditions, sometimes for only a cup of coffee, a brief sleep, or a bit of stretching. As a heavy meal can backfire and potentially render you feel tired, a snack can also revive energy levels, so make sure to keep it light. The night before work, make sure to get plenty of rest and not drive over the recommended amount of driving hours. If the distribution is a rush task, it’s a perfect way to get a second driver to work in shifts.

Don’t take so many on the

Taking on return loads is a perfect opportunity for freight transport drivers to increase earnings. However without getting a proper rest and dinner, it is necessary not to just turn around and make your return journey. Before starting the journey out don’t ignore that your car has made the carriage with you and it needs a rest and some TLC.


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