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Plant machinery is used in a variety of circumstances, including on construction sites, mining sites, military bases, and by the oil and refinery industries. There is a large range of plant machinery equipment available on the market. This article takes a look at some of the most common types of plant machinery, and what each of their uses and benefits are.Learn more about us at Evansville Equipment Rental

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A tipper is a type of dump truck which is used to haul materials such as rock, sand, gravel and asphalt. It can also be used to move trash from one area to another. The main body of the tipper can be controlled by the driver so that the material that it contains can be easily dumped in a set location.


A bobcat is another term for a skid-steer loader. It is an item of machinery which uses a lift arm to pick up or dump certain materials. The bobcat is highly maneuverable and appropriate for lifting and moving materials within a small space.


An excavator is large piece of machinery which can move heavy objects with ease. The boom arm is designed to dig through the ground, and it is commonly used on construction sites.


A roller, also known as a roller compactor or steam roller, is a vehicle which is able to compact materials such as asphalt, gravel and earth. They are commonly used in the construction of pathways and roads.

Water Trucks

Water trucks come equipped with a tank which is capable of holding water. Water trucks are available in a range of sizes, the type you choose should depend on how much water you need to transport to a specific location.


A dozer, also known as a bulldozer, is a piece of machinery which features a heavy duty large front plate. This front plate can be controlled by the driver, and used to maneuver soil, sand, rubble, and other materials the need moving during the construction process. Dozers are often used in mines, quarries and in heavy industry factories.

Purchasing or Hiring Plant Machinery

One of the most economical ways to use plant machinery is to hire it from a plant hire company. By hiring the machinery rather than purchasing it you will save on the costs, as you will not have to worry about machinery depreciation, or the costs for maintenance and repairs. The machinery will also be conveniently delivered and collected from your construction site, saving you time as well as money. Plant hire specialists can be found by searching for them online. Their website should list images and details on the services and equipment that they offer along with their contact details.