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Economics is at the heart of the case for the global brand. Over the last decade, Samsung has invested billions of dollars developing the Samsung brand. Instead, if Samsung had split up its brand portfolio and invested a portion of those billions on sub-brands in various markets, it is highly unlikely that this investment would have had the same effect — and could have puzzled the user, who now travels internationally and accesses TV, internet and other media content internationally. By constantly focusing on creating one brand name, Samsung and the other Korean companies have been able to make considerable progress in building their brands worldwide in a short time. By clicking here we get info about Local Brand Advisor, Pittsburgh
The use of sub-brands is not precluded by national, or umbrella, branding. The success of global branding also does not mean that businesses do not or should not adapt their goods to local needs. McDonald’s adapts the menus to local markets, for example, but still selling under the brand of McDonald’s. Google has just tailored its home page to the Korean local market, adding more content to compete with local offerings that have a higher share in Korea than Google has been able to achieve. But it also goes under the name Google and leverages the global positioning of Google. Therefore, those who argue that tailoring will continue to be relevant at the local level are not necessarily fully at odds with a global branding strategy. There is still a place for tailoring, but even then, in most cases, the emphasis, focus, and bulk of the investment should remain on the world brand. The implications of global success in branding are strong. First, multinational companies that have not adopted global branding should take a close look at the sub-brands in their portfolios and decide whether they are needed in lieu of creating the global brand, or should be jettisoned or de-prioritized. In addition, in M&A situations in which acquired companies are often reluctant to give up their brands, it is important to perform a careful study as to whether the brand should actually be retained and for how long, particularly in the case of a global brand acquiring a local brand.