EMDR Emerges As A Groundbreaking Treatment For Trauma

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) has been one of the most innovative in recent years and spoke about procedures that deal with the residual effects of trauma for clinicians and consumers. EMDR has its believers and non-believers, as in any new type of therapy. However, as the subject of over 25 controlled trials, when conducted by a skilled and certified psychotherapy professional, it has proven to be an efficient method of trauma care. It might be worth your time to locate an EMDR accredited therapist near you to learn more about this exciting and creative therapy if you have chosen to seek the support of a counseling professional to cope with the effects of trauma. Browse this site listing about Self emBody Therapy – EMDR, Eating Disorders, Anxiety – EMDR Therapy San Diego
We’ve all witnessed trauma of one type or another in our lives. Many of these moments may not have been painful for you at the time, but inside our minds and bodies, those moments may become “frozen” The longer they linger there, the more negative the consequences are. EMDR will help to desensitize and reprocess those times, as performed by a qualified therapist, and encourage you to step once and for all beyond your trauma.
In EMDR, when concurrently receiving bilateral stimulation, the patient remembers a traumatic experience that may consist of turning the eyes from side to side, sensations or tapping motions on both sides of the body. EMDR has been used to support those who deal with:
Post Traumatic Disorder of Stress
Grieving and death
Panic attacks
Efficiency and Anxiety Test
And more
EMDR has not only been proven to be a successful type of trauma therapy, it has also been shown to produce outcomes in a shorter time than other trauma treatment approaches. In combination with more conventional therapy approaches, EMDR is most effective when used.