Electrical Supply Stores For Homeowners and Businesses

For your home or building project, an electrical supply store provides all the products you need to support the power and energy infrastructure. You will need to be able to find the correct products that fit within your budget, whether you are remodelling or building new ones. Many shops provide professional advice for the types of do-it-yourself who may have questions and need assistance with what products and tools are needed for your project. For the electrical supply stores that have the products you use most, or those that will offer a discount for your repeat business or for a certain volume, builders and other professionals may shop around.Visit electrical supply in Gaithersburg, MD for more details.

Consider just a few of the products in an electrical supply store that you will find:


Fluorescent or HID lamps that regulate voltage and the current supplied to the lamp during start-up and throughout its operation are the types of hosing required by ballasts. These include compact fluorescents, HPS and LPS, LED drivers, linear fluorescents, mercury, and metal halide ballast types.


A conduit is a system of tubing that is used to protect electrical wiring and route it. It may be made of metal, plastic, fibre, or fired clay (aluminium or iron). For special purposes, you might also find a flexible conduit. The system involves both the tubing and the elbows required to connect the tubes together.

The Controls

You need the right controls to make any electrical system work. Examples include light or fan speed control switches, garage door openers, and motor controls, such as generators or other equipment.

Fuses Fuses

A fuse provides a particular circuit with protection against excessive currents. When too much current flows through it, it is made of a metal wire or strip that melts. Due to a short circuit, overloading, or a device failure, homeowners will generally replace fuses when they “blow”

The generator

When energy supplied by a power company is not available, a generator can be used to supply power. Generators are frequently used by builders to supply power tools with electricity until the electricity is configured for a site. In the event of ice storms or other power outages, many homeowners have some form of this equipment to use, so they can continue to power the essential equipment in their homes.

Products for Wiring

You’ll need wiring and associated devices to connect all the energy equipment together in your home or business. Cables and cords, enclosures, devices and accessories are included in some products. Some knowledge of basic wiring may be available to the typical homeowner, but most of these products will be used mainly by professionals.