Digital Interactive Marketing the WWW Way

Marketing had its roots in the early 1970s, as we know it today, when corporations gradually began to move from the prevailing ‘development focus’ approach to a far more ‘sales-oriented’ approach. Netwave Interactive Marketing┬áhas some nice tips on this. Businesses were historically concerned with issues of production, manufacturing, and performance, and subsequently, with the conquest of the sales orientation strategy, the primary concern of business was to sell the goods. Another transition – the ‘marketing orientation’ period – took place in the early 1980s when marketers began to understand that it was customer needs and desires that drove the entire process. Businesses found that putting a lot of manufacturing and sales resources into goods and services that customers did not want was pointless. And now, finally, we have successfully reached the groundbreaking fourth era of digital marketing in the 2000s.

The growth, manifestations and implications of digital marketing have been addressed regularly through Reams and Reams of Research. So what is this overpowering, all-consuming entity known as internet marketing’? Different opinions can emerge from different sections, but none of them was able to reduce it to an objective meaning entirely. It could be a self-replicating ‘viral video or an online flash game with a viral message that is highly likely to be passed around by word-of-mouth, exploiting the power of pre-existing social networks, according to one source. Alternatively, like your usual highway billboard, it could be an undemanding e-mailer or an online banner that merely generates visibility. It could be a Facebook profile, a ‘tweet’ from Twitter or a ‘scrap’ from Orkut. It can also be a microsite that maximizes and turns the capacity of people’s boredom into a marketing opportunity.

Some reports might talk about it as a company blog, or a blog written by company employees, or a website that allows people to talk about products that most people would have absolutely little interest in talking about in the first place, in general circumstances. It might be a place to get together and know each other for serious conversation and ‘brand fanatics’ or maybe just a place for the slightly curious. Often it may be an intricate website that generates an atmosphere and provides the brand with value or even an optimized keyword search that possibly does more than a thousand banners and a million e-mailers to drive traffic to a website. It can also be a simple Google Ad of 95 characters that at a busy intersection can tell more than a neon embellished billboard.