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There’s a great method of winning more business that’s easily within your reach – expand your personal circle of influence. Visit us on Houston Business Spotlight.

Your circle of influence is all the people you know. If you were to sit down and write a list of all the people you know and could call or contact, that list would probably be well over 100 people.

If each of these knows 100 people too, that’s 100 x 100, or 10,000 contacts, that you have the potential to reach via your circle of influence.

So how can you get your friends, customers and contacts to refer business to you? There are a few methods that you can put into practice immediately for more business…

1 – Become a regular at a local business networking meeting. Because the purpose of these meetings is to generate business for each other, you will get leads this way, especially if you are a consistent attender over time, do a good job for people and therefore become a trusted part of the community.

2 – Use a “Circle Of Influence” referral system and hold meetings with your contacts with the single explicit purpose of getting more leads for your business. I have one that uses a brainstorming method to get people willingly giving you a list of 5-10 names, and then even phoning them up to introduce you to them. It’s awesome! My clients use this scheme as part of their overall tactical marketing plan and usually generates a bunch of great leads for them.

3 – Create a referral offer to reward people who refer their friends. It can a smart idea to share the reward between the referrer and the new client, because friends often don’t like to make a profit from referrals.

4 – Have a referral scheme with other businesses to encourage cross referrals – for example a “bounty” payment when you win a new customer from a lead that’s come from another business. That way, everybody wins.

Of course, none of these ideas works unless you do something with it! Turn one or more of these concepts into a systematized approach in your business, use the system consistently, and enjoy regular referral leads.