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Cosmetic dental treatment, from a method of teeth whitening to dental implants, requires a substantial amount of patient time, effort and resources. This is why periodic cleaning is a must for teeth that have undergone cosmetic care. Some patients have to return to the dentist earlier than expected to have veneer replacements or to redo their whitening procedures. These are due to unsuitable eating habits. Visit us on Kessler Dental Associates.

You do not believe that after your teeth have undergone dental care, they will become invincible. Especially when you are eating, you should take care of your teeth. For your oral treatment, here are few helpful reminders.

It is best to avoid biting into or chewing hard or sticky food. You should stay away from chewing gums or bubble gums, taffy and caramel sticky sweets, bagels, pretzels, popcorn, nuts, and ice. What you should do if you want to eat apples is slice them into thin pieces first and never bite into a whole piece full of skin and all. Also, if you want to have some corn for dinner, you can ask the waiter in the restaurant to serve corn with the kernels already shredded from the cob. And then make sure to brush and floss to remove any pieces of corn that may have been caught between your teeth.

Cosmetic dental care treatments such as veneers and crowns that include strengthening your teeth are performed to make your teeth work normally. You should, however, prevent yourself from biting or chewing too hard because it could chip or break the porcelain, ceramic or any material that was used. There should be small quantities of red wine, tomato juice, grape juice, tea, coffee and similar beverages. Cosmetic treatment products such as porcelain, as well as deep pigmented food, can accumulate stains from these beverages. You should bear in mind that cosmetic products, unlike your natural teeth, can not be remedied by tooth whitening gels.

If you have had some cosmetic dental care procedure or not, there are some general oral care tips that you can continue to follow. This is not only for maintaining your braces, crowns, etc., but also for taking care of your normal and healthy teeth that remain.