Dermatology Specialists – The Only Place for Botox

And why Botox?

There are lots of different reasons why people consider Botox, but one of the most common is as an effective treatment for wrinkles. West Dermatology Palm Springs has some nice tips on this. While men and women worry about wrinkles all over their bodies, many seem to be concerned about those on the neck and face, and Botox has become the treatment of choice for dermatologists and patients alike.

Right around the eye area is one of the most common injection sites, as eliminating any severe wrinkles there can drastically change a person’s appearance. While a dermatologist is likely to offer you Botox wherever you might have wrinkles, it is a must to understand the treatment before making your final decision.

The 101 Botox

Botox is an injectable solution that works to paralyze your muscle-surrounding nerves. That makes it possible for your muscles to stay still, and thus wrinkles can not form. A temporary measure, each treatment is often up to three months in duration. The solution itself contains the toxin botulinum A, which is essentially a bacteria-based protein.

You must attend a consultation session with your dermatologist before you can have the therapy carried out. Explain what you want to do, and he or she will let you know if that is a good option for you or not. You’ll also learn a bit more about the procedure’s risk and benefits, as well as the overall cost. If it is performed for cosmetic reasons, keep in mind that most insurance companies do not cover this particular procedure.

The next step is to set up an appointment if the dermatologist feels like Botox is a good option for you. The Botox will be injected at your appointment, a numbing agent may be used on the area, then you will be free to leave. During the procedure, the pain is fairly minimal, and few feel any after effects. You’ll be able to return to work right away, and you will notice a dramatic difference in your appearance within three to five days.

Botox isn’t perfect for everyone in Colorado Springs who suffers from wrinkles. However, specialists in dermatology can help you decide if this might be the right option for you.