Create The Perfect Piece Of Furniture-Everything You Need to Know

What turns designers into what they are? has some nice tips on this. What makes them settle on a specific décor, this carpet, the coffee table, a certain furniture? And, most importantly, what separates their interior designs from any ordinary housewife just trying to make a home out of a house?

As any area of practise, interior design and the ability to pick furniture for your home require fundamental principles. Fortunately, for the clueless housewife, she doesn’t have to be a secret rocket scientist and she doesn’t have to run to a crash course in interior design at the nearest university. As simple as 1-2-3, these basic concepts, tips and guides are.

The Harmony

For a specific room in your house, unity simply means having the same motif, the same theme. For instance, you decide to go with the Victorian style with the colour scheme of burgundy when trying to redecorate your living room. Make sure that they blend seamlessly into the Victorian look when choosing furniture, carpets, paintings and other décor for your Victorian living room. Go for plush couches with wooden arm rests that are intricately carved. Go for curtain tassels that fit thick curtains with intricate designs that are similarly-toned. In a Victorian living room, a minimalist glass coffee table or an irregularly formed corner lounge chair made of metal in a bright blue colour simply won’t do. Unity of design means that all goods are brought together and united by a single theme, all the furniture in the room.

Balance and ratio

Balance or proportion is one very significant aspect in aesthetics and Western architecture. This factor simply implies that objects in a space must be well-distributed in the room or positioned fairly and strategically. Stop over-crowding one room area and leaving the eyes with another empty area. There should be symmetry for a good room with appropriate balance and proportion. In the space, symmetry generates a sense of serenity and stability.

Any individual can build a lovely home. With the aid of these two fundamental elements in the design, without fear of being out of place in your new home, anyone can choose a furniture design. Nothing can go wrong if you just stick to a template tailored to your personality and obey these two elements above. It will certainly make your new home a representation of your personality by selecting furniture designs according to your style but tailoring it around these two elements.