Couples Therapy and Happy Marriages

Among other aspects, effective communication is the secret to happy relationships. It is tragic that the divorce rate is on the rise in the United States and even worldwide. The goal of couples therapy is to solve the problem between husband and wife in order to lead a happier life without serious disagreements and heated arguments. In order to please both spouses, the therapist or the counselor helps the couple recognize the problem and propose behavior and other improvements. Therapy for couples is a combination of education, mediation and psychotherapy.You may find more information at Marriage Counseling.

The most important aspect that separates happy marriages from miserable ones is the standard of contact between spouses. The ability to interact well is also the greatest predictor of happiness and longevity in relationships over time. In other words, successful or unhappy relationships have little to do with the amount of issues, individual personality characteristics or differences of opinion. Instead, it is how couples talk about their disagreements and problems. The secret is communication, and it is assumed that communication skills can be mastered easily.

Each couple has its own problems, and with the aid of a counselor, they determine the cause of the problems during couple therapy. For instance, if a couple argues a lot, they are made to think about the reasons for those arguments during the sessions and then find a resolution. The agreement could alter the way they communicate with each other or react to various circumstances or behavioral changes.

Couples learn how to identify damaging modes of contact in couple counseling and how to develop positive communication and problem-solving strategies. Couples learn how to use their imagination and talents while facing the obstacles that life brings, to maintain the vitality of their relationship. Couples are taught that it is often as necessary to listen to the other person as to speak one’s mind. They learn that, by sharing their concerns and loving each other, they need to achieve a shared goal of happy marriage.

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