Cosmetic Dentistry – The Truth

Cosmetic dentistry was very brutal in its approach in the old days. To straighten the teeth, hideous metal braces were used and fake teeth were made of wood. Cosmetic dentistry near me has some nice tips on this. The pain factor was also not to be overlooked in these therapies and many people would put up with their less than perfect teeth in order to prevent this. Things are very different these days, of course.

The pressure from dental patients has risen and the dentistry industry has made considerable strides in providing pain-free dentistry. The instruments of trade have also significantly improved, with inventions such as white fillings, translucent braces and dental implants becoming the order of the day on the cosmetic side of things dominating procedures.

It has also changed the climate. Years ago, dental surgery was a very unwelcome location, guarded by a dental assistant who looked stern. Many dentists have been working hard to make their reception areas look very new and warm and welcome nice receptionists to boot. This has had a huge effect on the growth in the number of visitors and contributes to reduce the overall anxiety factor associated with a dental journey.

A cosmetic dental procedure will have more than one dentist these days, and oral hygienists and esthetic specialists will be on hand to help you with your variety of facilities in up-market practices. In fact, they are smile consultants and they will advise you on the best course of action that will lead to perfect teeth eventually. The needs of everybody are different and the days where you just sat in the chair, had a simple test, and then the dentist got on with it are all right and really done. It can take a long time for a clinical examination and this would naturally depend on the general well-being and look of your teeth.

The number of available cosmetic services is substantial. The most popular service is teeth whitening, and while over the past few years there has been an introduction of over the counter whitening kits, these take a lot longer to work as they have a much lower concentration of peroxide gel compared to what a dentist would use. The straightening of teeth is still common and braces are made of plastic rather than metal these days and are almost translucent. Instead of traditional dentures, dental implants that naturally attach to your gums and are almost indistinguishable from the real thing are gradually preferred by more people.

Some individuals believe that cosmetic dentistry is the ultimate of futile operations, since it is very costly and sometimes takes a number of visits to complete. But if all is not well with your teeth, this can cause serious self-confidence problems, as every time you smile or open your mouth, you will feel very self-conscious. It is well worth sorting your teeth out if you have the money, because your smile is one of your most valuable assets. Do not worry if you do not have the money, as most cosmetic dentists offer payment plans!