Choose Right Service To Prepare Divorce Documents

It is crucial what service they use to prepare their divorce papers for many divorcing couples trying to save a little money on their divorce. There are several resources out there for the planning of “uncontested” divorces, with new technologies accessible, and it is crucial to provide as much information as possible before agreeing to all of these services, continue reading.

For several individuals, a common divorce service option is to use a “online” service. The upside is that they are normally really cheap. The downside is that all the job is practically handled by you. Yeah, you have access to the applications for their patented forms, but it’s you who are essentially filling out, copying, and printing your own forms to file and serve yourself. This type of service is inexpensive, but with no legal guidance, you simply compensate a third party for the privilege of preparing your own divorce forms. If the divorce documents are incorrect and the judge dismisses them, it will take you more time and aggravation to amend them than it would cost you to use some form of service to do things correctly in the first instance.

“The “do it yourself” solution is another divorce service choice. Many people who are divorced use a self-help guide, get a cup of coffee, and continue to fill out their own documents. Although books typically contain general knowledge, divorces are usually unique to the state and the book should at least be tailored to the state in which the divorce takes place. Often, with their practices, the counties within a state do vary considerably, and you can find it very frustrating to have your papers to fit the local way of doing stuff, even though you may have the state-wide types. Again, you do all the work with this service option, but don’t spend something out of pocket (and giving yourself a legal education at the same time).

Many individuals try using a legal assistant divorce service as a step away from the “do it yourself” method. These persons are considered “legal document assistants” in California and are governed under section 6400 et seq. of the Business and Careers Code. While other terms, such as a divorce assistant or a divorce paralegal, can be named by freelance legal assistants, whether they are a person other than an attorney providing planning services for a fee, they are subject to the code. It is essential to ensure that these persons are genuinely licensed and consistent with legislation while hiring a legal document assistant. Most are not law-compliant and have not completed either the required training standards or have customer safeguards imposed by the state in place to serve as legal paper assistants. They also (unwittingly or not) offer legal guidance, which is the unlicensed practice of law, a felony even though you have a licensed legal paper assistant. During a divorce, it is common to obtain guidance and more likely than not, through offering the advice, a legal paper assistant may yield to the temptation, while they might insist it is only “friendly” advice and not “legal” advice (as if the label made a difference). Legal paper assistants are required to fill out the forms as instructed by you. No less and no better. Legal advice is something they will not provide, and the strong ones would stick exclusively to that policy and, if possible, refer you to a solicitor. Legal assistants typically do the legwork for you by filing the paperwork and servicing the documents (if necessary), either on their own or from another process server provider.

Having an actual solicitor to file the uncontested divorce papers of the parties is a last divorce service choice that parties can suggest. Let’s face it, a major part of the divorce expense is the actual lawsuit and not the actual filling of the form. If the parties consider a friendly compromise and do not care about the fairness and accuracy of each other in regards to financial disclosures, so a “attorney document preparer” will be a cost-effective choice for an uncontested divorce. You should not think about the unlicensed practice of law with a solicitor filing the divorce documents. In addition, in compliance with modern divorce law, a solicitor contract preparer can grasp the law and may design the marriage compromise arrangement of the parties. Often lawyers only have document preparation services at rates equal to or marginally higher than what a legitimate document preparer would cost. In filing and serving the paperwork, a solicitor may still be willing to perform all the legwork such that the parties need to proceed to arbitration.