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A chiropractor is a medical health care practitioner devoted to the diagnosis and therapy of musculoskeletal disorders, with an emphasis primarily on therapy through manual manipulation and/or manual adjustment of the spine. Chiropractic services are often offered by a primary care physician and sometimes are offered through a specialty clinic such as a chiropractic clinic. Many chiropractic offices offer medical services, and in some cases patients can have their regular doctor attend to their injuries and prescribe some chiropractic exercises to help relieve the pain. Chiropractic services are commonly offered by physical therapists, osteopaths, physical and rehabilitation specialists, sports medicine doctors, neurological physicians, orthopedic surgeons, psychiatrist and psychologist, and health education specialists.Feel free to find more information at Columbia Chiropractor.

The most common methods of treating patients who require chiropractic services include spinal manipulation, ultrasound, application of external pressure, and application of heat or cold. A chiropractor will likely encourage the use of exercise as part of a treatment program for back and neck pain and related disorders, as well as for other conditions such as asthma, migraine headaches, tennis elbow, and frozen shoulder. Chiropractic is an appropriate alternative health care option for a wide range of conditions, although it is not recommended for individuals with cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, heart arrhythmia, elevated triglycerides, uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled diuretics, or conditions that are potentially hazardous when combined with chiropractic manipulations.

Most chiropractic doctors perform spinal manipulation, but some also do physiotherapy, muscle testing, soft tissue manipulation, nutritional assessment, breathing exercises, and acupuncture to help relieve pain and loosen muscles. These services can be combined to help promote overall wellness and health. While the precise cause of back pain has not been identified, most medical experts agree that factors such as overuse, muscle strain, and injury are common culprits. When back pain is relieved by a combination of therapy, prevention, adjustments, and exercise, many chiropractors recommend that their patients seek periodic assessments with their primary care physicians. Back and neck pain can be debilitating, but with the right approach from a qualified chiropractor, living with back pain is no longer a problem.

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