Activated Carbon Air Filter

The most simple air cleaning system available is an activated carbon philtre, which is simply a philtre filled with a lot of pores in a complicated pattern. Contaminants such as smoke, chemical fumes, smog, vehicle exhaust and many odours are absorbed by these pores. Learn more by visiting Pacific Coast Carbon LLC.

Usually, these philtres are connected via a fan to a device that circulates air in the home. The philtres capture contamination and extract it from the air. This is one of the oldest and easiest methods in nature for air filtration. During World War I, similar philtres were used in gas masks used to shield soldiers from chemical weapons.

A significant benefit of carbon philtres is that they do not release toxins back into the environment. Unfortunately this means that these philtres need to be frequently cleaned or replaced to keep them efficient.

Enabled carbon technology does have some significant drawbacks. They don’t kill dust and other airborne particles causing allergy. They don’t kill germs and other species that cause diseases. They can only kill airborne emissions when a fan or blower circulates the air.

The easiest way to use an activated carbon air philtre to disinfect your home’s environment is to combine it with other efficient air purification technologies. On the market, there are many excellent systems which combine these technologies.

Combining it with a HEPA air philtre is one good way to improve the efficacy of this philtre. The HEPA air philtre is intended to prevent dust and other allergies caused by airborne particles.

It is also a very nice principle to use a carbon philtre with an ioniser. An ioniser can remove many toxic substances from the air and kill many odours.

Enabled carbon philtres should be paired with a germicidal UV lamp to remove the hazard of germs. Such a lamp uses ultraviolet ( UV ) radiation to destroy species that cause germs, viruses , bacteria , fungi, mould and other diseases.

Many firms produce air purifiers which combine these effective technologies. These devices are available as stand-alone units that can clean up the air in the house in a single room or whole house systems that can clear the air.

In order to clean the air in a home, these philtres can also be applied to existing force air heating and air conditioning systems. Or reduce the danger posed by chemical fumes, at least.

Chemical fumes such as paint fumes and carbon monoxide will also aggravate allergies and asthma may cause people sick without such conditions. Such gases can even destroy people or seriously damage them if they are found in very large quantities.