Bounce House Rentals Cincinnati-Things To Know

Since the product is large, entertaining, and colourful, a bounce house rental company is simple to market. You should take advantage of these characteristics. The tips that follow are easy and economical ways to help you sell your inflatables. Learn more about Party Go Round – bounce house rentals Cincinnati.

Cards for Market

The first step in the marketing campaign is to print any business cards. You can do this conveniently from your personal computer or get them printed. Bear in mind the effect of a shiny, colourful bounce house picture and the message it sends to prospective buyers. Include your company name, phone number, email address, and, if necessary, a link to your website.

Do not feel compelled to cram anything into one page of a business card and it can be written on both sides. Printing a savings coupon on the back of the envelope is a smart selling tactic. People who are involved in your company would be more likely to keep your card.

It’s important to distribute the cards. Leave them in situations that their parents frequent.

Bulletin boards at the store, the Laundromat, or the gym may also be helpful.

Request that your cards be included in the goody bag at birthday parties where your bounce house will be reserved. Distribute them as widely as possible.

Banners for Bounce Houses

The bulk of inflatables will provide banner space. Make sure you take advantage of this critical component. It is really clear while your bounce house is booked. The banner real estate should be regarded as extremely valuable. You should have a website and have the URL along with your phone number on the banner. It would make it easy for a prospective client to find out who you are and how to get in touch with you.

For Your Car on the Market

You’ll be doing a lot of commuting to and from rental places until you start renting out your bounce house inflatables. Get your vehicle to return the favour.

You may use magnetic signs with your logo and contact details to stick to your vehicle. They can be shipped in pairs, meaning you will get one on the driver’s side and the other on the passenger’s side.

When you’re ready to take it to the next stage, you can get your vehicle professionally screen painted for a strong visual effect.

Marketing for Goody Bags

Birthday parties will account for a considerable portion of your bounce house rental business. Any child who attends a birthday party where the inflatable is present is a possible candidate for the following rental.