Save Your Dogs Life – Train Them to Come

Many dogs are wounded or killed every year as they run into traffic and are struck by vehicles. You could be able to save your dog’s life if you teach them to come when called. Visit obedience

Maintain a positive attitude during training.

Even if they are doing anything unacceptable, teaching a dog to come (also known as the recall) should be a pleasant, satisfying experience. If you call your dog to you and then punish them, they will quickly discover that coming to you means they are in trouble and will be punished. “Come” should always imply that something positive is about to occur.

Maintain a positive attitude during exercising.

Initially, training should take place indoors or in a fenced field. Allow your dog to explore for a short time while wearing a long line (either store bought or a 30 foot long piece of rope or clothesline) tied to their collar, then bend down and call them in a cheerful, high pitched voice. If they don’t approach you right away, gently pull on the long line and call them again, thanking them as they approach. You may even run away from your dog when calling to them. Most dogs would follow you as though it were a challenge. Praise your dog and reward them with a treat or a favourite toy when they meet you. Don’t just offer treats as a reward; there will be days when you want your dog to come but you won’t have any food with you.

To succeed, you must repeat the process.

Repeat the exercise many times, but keep the session under 15 minutes to avoid boredom in your dog. Practice formally at least once a day, but you can also call your dog at random times during the day and praise them when they come to you. Just reward them if they come after you’ve called them.