Carpet Cleaning – Some Simple Advice

When you want to keep them looking their best daily vacuuming of your rugs and floor coverings is a necessary step. Fay’s Affordable Carpet Cleaning has some nice tips on this. Daily vacuuming extracts the carpet fibres from dried dirt and soil. If left unattended, this dirt acts as an abrasive, grinding down the carpet fibres, wearing the carpet down gradually and causing severe damage. If you just want your carpets to look super every day though vacuuming your carpets will leave your home or office premises looking better and smelling cleaner, then I’m afraid vacuuming on its own won’t be enough. No, professional carpet cleaning is important to get rid of the deep-down dirt grease and residues that even the most thorough vacuuming can not remove in order to get the best results and to return your carpets to their original fluffiness and appearance.

If you take steps to clean your carpets and floor coverings before they look too grubby, the job will be so much easier and better results will likely be achieved. Only imagine your car or other motor vehicle for a moment. It will maintain its shiny appearance and continue to look fantastic if you get your car washed regularly at the car wash. And the most efficient cleaning machine would not be able to handle the dirt and debris that has accumulated for such a long time if you take the car to the car wash only once every six months. For carpet washing, the same is true.

The frequency at which your carpets should be washed depends on a variety of factors such as the size of your home or workplace, the number of people living or working there or whether you have pets that might be inclined to put dirt on their paws. However as a general rule of thumb, having the carpets professionally washed every twelve months or so is generally considered to be a good idea in most homes or offices. More frequent maintenance cleaning may be necessary in a very busy office, particularly for areas such as entrance doorways that receive the highest footfall.

You can look into the different cleaning systems and techniques available before you select a skilled carpet cleaning service to do the job. Some processes can leave residues that speed up re-soiling, thus defeating the whole cleaning objective. Considerable research has been done on the various available cleaning methods, leading to the recommendation of one of two different processes by most of the world’s major carpet manufacturers – either hot water extraction or steam cleaning as it is sometimes named – and absorbent compound cleaning, of which the “Host” system is the best known. Both cleaning varieties can yield consistent outcomes in the hands of skilled cleaners. Both systems have their benefits, and a variety of factors can depend on which you want or prefer. For instance, if you need the carpets to be back in use very quickly – maybe you are running a hotel or guest house – then the host system would probably be the best option because you can use the carpets directly after they have been washed, without having to wait hours for the carpets to dry out.