Car Insurance Claim Procedure

Motor Vehicle Insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 in India. Motor vehicle insurance covers the third-party liability resulting from the use of a motor vehicle and also covers the risk of harm to the vehicle. Indians do not care about Life Insurance Plan or Medical Insurance Plan, but if they drive a Scooter or a Bike or a Car or a Bus, they are more worried about Motor Vehicle Insurance. It is otherwise mandatory if someone hospitalized without an insurance car is regarded as a felony. If you would like to learn more about this, please check out -click here

Today, everyone has their own vehicle, roads are jam packed with cars, the risk is high, so as a result, day after day, motor insurance firms are rising and claims have also risen. But the policyholders do not know precisely what they will do to secure their Auto Insurance Claim Procedure several times.

The process for claiming your auto insurance policy is clarified here. It’ll support you a lot.

How to claim your Claim for Auto Insurance

In certain cases, we will understand this process step by step, so it will be very simple for us.

Claims for own-damage: If an accident has happened in your vehicle, you should take these measures to claim damages:

Inform the insurance service provider – First and foremost, you should inform the insurer at the earliest and you must apply to the insurance firm a correctly completed claim form along with the necessary documentation before taking the car to the garage for any repairs. The forms are available on the websites of insurance service providers. Most insurers follow specific guidelines and the policy documentation mentions them.

Lodge FIR – In some situations, FIR (First Information Report) is needed to lodge FIR for the safer side to the nearest police station. Although it may not be necessary for resolution of lawsuits, it is advisable to request a FIR. It depends on the disease.

Damage assessment – Once you contact the insurance service company, they will appoint a surveyor who will assess/assess your vehicle’s damage. He is going to prepare and pass on a report to the insurance firm. You will also get a copy and then you can drive your vehicle for repair to the nearest network garage. Note: If the harm is serious, the surveyor can reach the accident site for survey at the earliest.

Claim settlement – As soon as the insurance provider receives the survey report, the claim request will be analyzed and the garage will be accepted. For the car repair and deadlines for the same, the garage would have to provide an approximate bill. For an overall view of the magnitude of the damage and how the repair work is going, the insurer will be in contact with the network garage.