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You can also, however, choose to concentrate on more serious skin problems such as shingles and skin cancer. Due to the major part that skin plays in our lives, skin care and disease diagnosis are very important for all human beings. Your face is the first thing most people see, and everything they see is your skin. Dermatology nurses are also being paid from $30,000 to $75,000 a year everywhere. Working with patients with skin cancer, you will learn that three different types of skin cancer exist: carcinoma of the basal cell, carcinoma of the squamous cell, and melanoma. More info here West Dermatology Fresno

Melanoma is the most serious of these three, whereas basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are categorised as skin cancer without melanoma. You will know that, because of the presence of moles that are irregular, you have come across one of these three diseases. Use the ABCD method when attempting to figure out whether a mole is irregular. A stand for asymmetry, meaning that whether the mole is symmetrical should be taken into account. B is for the irregularity of the border, meaning you should look at the borders of the mole, and they could be cancerous if they look uneven or notched. C stands for colour, and you might have a problem if the mole is more than one colour, or is not even close to matching the colour of your other moles.

D means looking at the mole’s diameter, particularly noting whether the mole is larger than a pencil eraser. If several of these guidelines are matched by the mole you are examining, you should test the mole for cancer. However, with these guidelines, sometimes melanoma cannot be tracked down. It would be prudent to inform the dermatologist in that instance. For all skin treatments and solving all skin problems, cosmetic dermatologists are specialists. So if you have a skin problem or want to change the physical appearance, the dermatologist will perform all the tests and apply all the treatments that he/she is sure to change the appearance to the desired look.