Areas to know about The Benefits of Rehab After A Spine Injury

There is no feeling, feeling or movement that can be felt or made and both sides of the body will be affected. A patient with an incomplete injury will still be able to perform certain functions below the injured area, such as moving a limb or having some sensation. Paralysis of all four extremities will occur in patients who have had an injury above the first thoracic vertebra. You can learn more at chiropractor near me.

Patients whose injury is below the first spinal nerve of the thoracic artery will have complete control of their upper limbs, but will experience abdominal paralysis downwards. The prognosis all depends on how severe the injury is and exactly what is damaged. In half a year, most people who have had a spine are able to regain certain functions. The likelihood of recovery drops to a very small percentage after that. Physical therapy may, however, contribute to reducing long-term disability.
Although our body has an incredible mechanism for self-repair, it does not have the capacity to heal the central nervous system. As such, there is no cure for injuries to the spine. The only way to reduce the loss of functions is to limit the death of cells and any secondary damage. Scientists are still trying to regenerate functions through nervous growth, but it is not an easy task. The effects of the spine depend on the severity of the injury being caused. Unfortunately, most patients with spine injuries require the use of a wheelchair to get around. With the use of an electric powered wheelchair, patients who suffered an injury to the top of their spinal cord will need to get around as they will lose control of all their limbs. A manual wheelchair can be used by patients suffering an injury below the top of the spinal cord as they still have control of their arms. Rehabilitation and physical therapy may help reduce a wheelchair’s dependence, but it is largely dependent on an individual.