All About Micro Needling

Micro needling, also called dermarolling, collagen induction treatment, or microneedling, is a medical cosmetic procedure which involves repeatedly prickling the patient’s skin with small, fine needles. Needling, it is important to note, is not a surgical process, but rather a non-surgical one. Micro needling is performed by a team of specially trained technicians who perform exactly what would be described as “micro abrasive application.” A micro needle containing a collagen gel is first placed into the area to be treated; the needle is then raised or punctured, by a special mechanism that provides the precise punctuation necessary for the injection of the collagen gel. The technician carefully continues to prick the area until the gel has been properly coagulated within the punctured needle. The result is the generation of a microscopic needle puncture or cut, through which a thin collagen film can be injected into the affected area, healing damaged collagen and improving the appearance of sagging, peeling skin. Browse this site listing about Micro needling near me

Micro treatment has become quite popular over the past two decades and is used in a wide range of medical and cosmetic applications. Collagen induction treatment, for example, has been utilized in conjunction with Botox injections to help improve wrinkles, facial lines, and other signs of aging. Micro needling techniques have also been used to promote collagen growth, promote the healing of scar tissue, and reduce the appearance of scarring, particularly on the face. Moreover, since micro needling is not considered a major surgery, insurance companies have been more than happy to pay for the expensive treatments.

Micro needling is effective because, unlike traditional collagen replacement methods, it does not introduce artificial implants into the skin. In addition, the collagen used is highly pure – no contaminants, artificial colors or allergens will be introduced into the skin, and no drugs of any kind will be administered during the process. Micro needling also provides a much less traumatic experience than going under the knife, with no incisions, scars, or other marks that can leave everlasting reminders. The procedure is painless, requiring only a fifteen minute period each session, and clients can get back to their normal activities immediately following treatment. A very cost-effective way to increase collagen and elastin production, Micro needling offers far more benefits than other skin care products, and at far less expense.