About Partida Corona Medical Center

There is no other way out of dealing with it, now that the current corona virus has become par for the course of our contemporary life. It was only a short note describing the protective tactics by which the threat of a novel corona virus attack can be held away.The science or medical evaluation of the current condition, which is the development of the new corona virus, I am not here to explain. I am not here to clarify the recommendations put forward by trained medical experts or the WHO. For more details click Partida Corona Medical Center.

To assert my point, as well as to appeal to all to work for the betterment of human life, I would like to address the entire global community. I’m just here to plead for a human connection.

Let the new corona virus (Covid 19) become a twist of fate; let us take this opportunity to get together, at least psychologically, as a realistic opportunity. Yeah, this latest corona virus gave us the much-desired break! Let us unite, forget all the regional, national and religious obstacles, and become partners in the development of a new global community. Know, humans are on one side when such a pandemic happens, and the enemy is on the other side. This realistic fact clearly demonstrates that all of us belong to one class, and that’s the human race. We were emphatically taught this truth by the novel corona virus.

Let our kids breathe fresh air; let them be more human than we are. Let them, rather than limited nationalists, become GLOBAL People. Limited nationalism implies limited humanism, and limited humanism implies sophisticated or masked barbarism.