A Spotlight about Pool Builder

It is recommended to prepare an excel sheet and list all the appropriate contractors instead of just scrolling through different businesses. In the sheet, create a few columns such as name, business address, telephone number, website, etc. It would be both convenient and time-saving if you were to do it systematically.Have a look at KB Custom Pools – Pool Builder for more info on this.

You have to rate them for comparison once you have approximately 10 to 15 builders on your list. You need to choose a rating scale of your own. Within the excel sheet, I would recommend developing a rating scale. Expertise, certification, associations, expertise, licencing, portfolio, customer services, and others can be included. You have to choose a scale, of course, that you can manipulate without contacting builders, because so far we have not contacted any of the builders. Such evaluations will be based on your judgement and/or review (online published ones). Ratings are definitely going to reduce your list. Contact the top 5 constructors on the list based on your ratings. It is better to ask for a quotation directly. As you begin to receive responses, update your ratings and add reaction time, professionalism and cost to them. The top five builders will be reshuffled by this. It is time to contact the top builder right now (one with highest ratings). Discuss the needs and requirements you have. It is better to visit the constructor’s office and organise your first meeting there. If you feel comfortable with everything, move forward and organise another meeting in your backyard so that the quote can be refined by your builder. If there is anything you don’t feel comfortable with, move to the second builder on your list. For the first builder, it is not necessary to always go. Get everything on paper once you’re done with the selection of the pool builder. If you have received a discount, warranty or any special offer from your builder, get it on paper.