A Look Into Fascinatingly Beautiful Celebrities Who Embraced Their So-Called Imperfections

We are led to believe in our lives that beauty is perfection. Perfect size for the body, perfect skin, teeth and hair. We are duped into thinking that what we see on television and in film happens in “real life” and Hollywood characters should set our expectations. visit Six weeks after childbirth, we blame ourselves for not shrinking down to size three, not keeping the extra thirty pounds off between diets, and not waking up “mysteriously” with altered body parts just the way those celebrities have managed to do so. Today is the day we select beauty according to our own expectations and recognise that celebrities are paid to build and perfect a polished picture and a team of people who devote their lives to making you believe that there really is this kind of perfection.

And what is beauty exactly? Knowledge and celebration are beauty. Beauty is fitness, trust and happiness that are healthy. Being mindful of your strengths and flaws is the first move. In this step, you decide which areas you should play and develop and which areas you should play and/or enhance. Put on a bit of mascara to celebrate your gift of beauty, if your eyes are your best attribute. Don’t hesitate to put those youthful years back to your face if up-do hairstyles bring out the girl in you. Take a little extra time to put together a coordinated outfit in the morning, one that boosts your skin’s tone and your eyes’ colour.

Good health is elegance. Dieting contributes to a path of agitation and can be flat-out risky. A smarter option would be to incorporate your existing eating patterns with good food staples; trade off an unhealthy item for a healthy one. Exchanging a regular morning jelly doughnut for a bagel with flavoured cream cheese or a fresh fruit bowl would be an example. Love your body with plenty of water and nourish it. Beauty is assurance. Act as though you are a model on a runway when you are walking down the highway, strutting before a crowd of spectators. Walk back with your shoulders and your head held high. This poised walk not only strengthens your heart, it also gives you a look of trust and a feeling of belonging. Most importantly, happiness is elegance. A smile, a tiny crinkle in the eyes (everything that Botox takes away) and a warm soul are a magnet for positive social moments. Individuals would be attracted to you, wanting to know the secret to a good life. When you let it be and accept the notion of being perfectly imperfect, beauty is you.