5 Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt

As temperatures have started to increase, when it comes to keeping it trendy, men have fewer choices. The majority of men end up making their go-to option for the polo shirt. In any man’s closet, a polo shirt is a staple piece of clothing. It is an extremely versatile piece which at the same time, is smart and casual. check out the post right here.

Here are only a few suggestions about how a polo shirt should fit before we proceed to some no-fuss polo shirt styling solutions.

In the first place:

At the mid-bicep point, the sleeves should end.

The shirt’s hem should not slip any further than halfway down your flying pants.

Study the opening of the neck

We’re now going to talk about 5 styles a man should wear a polo shirt.

  1. All-white: An all-white outfit will still work wonders, whether you are heading for a game or just want to look smart. Start off with the classic white polo pique. Make sure that the slim shirt cuts across the body. Next, team the polo with white chinos that are narrow to the bottom through the leg and taper. Complete the look with brown loafers for rice. Go in for some other pastel hues if white doesn’t fit for your skin tone.
  2. Sports luxe: Because polo comes from a sport, by teaming it with a pair of joggers or athleisure, you can even give it a sportier look. You can also pair them with cropped black trousers. It will complete your look with white leather shoes or canvas trainers.
  3. Shirt replacement: Replacing your full-sleeve white shirt with a polo shirt in your suit or blazer is a simple way to look sharp while looking casual. When combined with the right coat or blazer, Dark Hues Polos can be highly formal. By wearing minimal trainers or suede loafers, you can add a touch of elegance to your look.
  4. Dress it up: you can even use it as a top layer for formal events if polo suits you too well. Here a simple coloured polo fits well. For a formal case, you can pair it with chinos and a comfortable leather belt. Finish up with shoes or loafers made of leather.
  5. High Summer: Polo shirts look the best with shorts during the summer months when temperatures are soaring. The trick is done by a well-tailored pair of shorts. Cotton shorts, denim shorts, or chino shorts are all available to choose from.