4 Quality Control Checks Before Buying Fish Oil Supplements

Take a few minutes to read this article before you purchase fish oil. If you are not cautious about the quality of your supplements, your money could be wasted or your health could even be affected. You need to make sure that the supplement is contaminant free, has low levels of oxidation, has a high content of omega3 and has strong anti-inflammatory activity. This article covers how such aspects can be decided. dowsing for cartoonists is an excellent resource for this.

Contaminants Scan For

It is simply not good enough for a corporation to “claim” that mercury and other toxins are free from their goods. They should be capable of “proving” it. In order to do so, they can have an independent laboratory performing tests to receive an official certificate of analysis or COA.

You should post a copy of the COA on the manufacturer’s website. Do not put the order if you do not see it. Buying fish oil that costs as much as $60 a bottle, when there is no guarantee of purity, just doesn’t make sense.

Mercury, PCBs, dioxins, lead , arsenic and a range of other toxins that are known to pollute our waters and our fish will be identified by the COA. “It should say” not found “on the line next to each contaminant. “Molecular distillation can ensure low levels of contaminants, but certain oils that occur naturally are safe enough to take” as is. It does not need any distillation.

Oxidation Finding Out

There will also be a COA list for oxidation. You should not purchase fish oil that has a high oxidation level. How new the oils were when they were encapsulated has to do with it. If the total amount of oxidation is over 17 MEQ / KG, you can get burps from fishy taste and there is a risk to your long-term health because free radicals are found in oxidised oils.

You can search for oxidation by cutting one open and “sniffing” if you currently have any supplements in your home. It does not smell like rotting fish or like lemon with an artificial taste. To disguise the taste and smell of rancid oils, companies also add lemon, lime or another flavouring.

Omega3 Material Determination

The COA will also list the omega3 material. Some suppliers list it on the mark, as well. Others only mention the number of oils in each capsule. Omega3 fats are not any of those oils. You want to make sure that you buy fish oil with at least 500 mg of omega-3s per 1000 mg of oil.

The amount of individual fatty acids (DHA, EPA and DPA) that are in each capsule should also be specified by the manufacturer. The most critical thing for the brain is DHA, which has more activity to suppress triglycerides than EPA.

Anti-inflammatory behaviour judgement

In order to get their supplements clinically checked for anti-inflammatory activity, the supplier should pay. The majority of businesses, particularly those in the US, don’t bother. Companies in the US are not authorised to mention the supplement’s anti-inflammatory function, since it would be a medicinal gain.