A General Overview Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is typically used to describe any dental procedure that alters the look of a tooth, gums or bite for the purpose of improving its aesthetic appearance. It is primarily concerned with cosmetic improvement in oral aesthetics in color, size, shape, size and overall smile look. This type of dental practice covers restorative dentistry, which includes processes such as porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, laminates and fillings. This type of practice is usually employed on patients who are dissatisfied with their present dental condition, or who have suffered from some kind of oral trauma. They can be performed by non-medical dentists or cosmetic dentists. Cosmetic dental procedures are categorized into three main categories: corrective devices, restorations, and prosthetics.
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Restorative procedures are those that are designed to improve the physical condition of the teeth by reshaping them in such a way as to improve their appearance. These may include bridges, crowns, and tooth chips. These devices are used in conjunction with other cosmetic dentistry practices such as filling in the spaces left by missing teeth and reshaping and straightening teeth that are crooked, chipped or damaged. Peridontics or gum surgery is often used in combination with other restorative practices.
Composite resin fillings and composite bonding treatments are the most popular and commonly performed cosmetic dentist treatments. These types of treatments are often used to restore teeth that are in poor condition due to decay, broken crowns, decaying enamel or other factors. A composite resin is a composite material consisting of Portland cement, sand, and ceramic resins that are used to fill in gaps and strengthen tooth structure.

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